Guerrilla tactics

Domenick Weaver of the Alameda Firefighters Association expresses his displeasure over the handling of the Depot fire in this thoughtful comment (it’s #2 after the post). Now I’m wondering who made the decision to let the fire burn and what went into that decision. These forums would be a good place to find out. If we have common cause with the firefighters, we can join forces and be more persuasive with the media, which will put pressure on the city and the EPA and BAAQMD. Please come to the forums.

The Alameda Fire Department is holding two town hall forums to tell us how the brown-outs have affected the citizens and firefighters.  I’m thinking these would be good forums to attend and express out displeasure at the handling of the Army medical Depot fire.  We could bring some fire debris in a baggie.  

Here are the dates:

Tuesday, April 14, at 6:00 pm
Crosstown Cafe
1303 High Street

Friday, April 24, 6:00 pm
BFI Community Center
3195 Mecartney Rd

They have a website as well.

What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Guerrilla tactics”

  1. denisehylenlai Says:

    I’m down. Have material in baggie. Have lab report identifying material as asbestos.

  2. Common cause with Alameda firefighters? « Alameda Army Medical Depot Fire Says:

    […] Common cause with Alameda firefighters? By zizzlah I just saw this comment by Domenick Weaver of the Alameda Firefighter’s Association. He talks eloquently about the displeasure the firefighters have with the way the Depot fire was handled. I think that makes it more important than every that we attend the upcoming forums on April 14th and 24th. Details are here. […]

  3. David Howard Says:

    Liz – thanks for taking the lead on this issue. You can also try contacting Charlotte Green, the deputy D.A. in the City of Alameda for Alameda County – her office is on Shoreline Drive, in the courthouse building. But I’ll be danged if I can find a phone number to reach her office – you may have to go and drop a letter off. Let me know how we can help.


    The Mayor was too busy recording SunCal robocall promotions to put word out by telephone.

    Evidently the Mayor can find a working automated calling system in Virginia, to make robocalls in support of SunCal’s project, but she can’t find a working system to notify residents of potential health problems.

    This is what we’ve been saying for a while now – our City has lost its sense of purpose, which is to protect the residents, not support land developers.

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