BAAQMD stands for Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Their mission statement is:

“The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is committed to achieving clean air to protect the public’s health and the environment.

Major Goals of the District
* Attain and Maintain Air Quality Standards
* Increase Public Awareness of Positive Air Quality Choices
* Develop and Implement Protocol and Policies for Environmental Justice”

And this from the home page of their website:

“Wood Burning Regulation
On July 9, in order to protect residents from the public health impacts of fine particulate matter, the Air District passed a regulation that makes it illegal to burn wood or firelogs in household fireplaces and woodstoves when the Air District issues a wintertime Spare the Air health advisory. Regulation 6, Rule 3 also bans the sale and installation of non-EPA-certified wood-burning devices in new construction or re-models, among other stipulations.”

Their contact information:
Brent Rudin
AQ Inspector
District Asbestos Program
Bay Area Air Quality Management
939 Ellis Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 771-5128
Their website is here.

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