More online press

Another website has picked up the article in last Friday’s Alameda Journal:

That means our little island is becoming part of the national database on asbestos and the lung disease and cancers associated with it.

There’s quite a bit to learn about asbestos and how often we are exposed to it.  Today, I found out that Kent cigarettes, who used to boast about their proprietary micron filter – do you remember the ads? – was using asbestos in those filters.  Really – they were using asbestos to protect you from the effects of smoking tobacco.   It would be funny if tobacco and asbestos weren’t such a deadly combination.  From what I understand, that combination is always fatal

It’s as though no one is minding the store.

The city of Alameda would probably prefer to be nationally famous for almost anything other than asbestos contamination.  Instead, our city will achieve national prominence because of an stunning cascade of civic negligence.


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