Day 15: Meeting tomorrow

City officials and the BAAQMD meet tomorrow, April 13, to agree on a plan regarding this fire.
TODAY, Please call or email your council members and the mayor and demand that they:

1. Sample the debris and air quality all over Alameda.
2. Test it for heavy metals, PCBs, PAHs and asbestos.

It won’t take but a moment of your time.

Thank you.

I’m working on a chronology of events, including all the contradictions I’m seeing in the various press accounts and the posts and comments online. I’m picking up a copy of the asbestos report from the debris that Denise had tested later today as well. I’ll post it all here when I finish it later today. My plan is to get it into the hands of the city officials and the BAAQMD who will be meeting to discuss this on Monday, April 13. I want them to have a chance to respond to the information I’ll also be sending to all major media outlets on Monday.

Here’s a map that locates the FISC Alameda (FISCA) site and shows it’s be designated a “corrective action” site by the Department of Toxic Substances Controls (DTSC). FISCA is the round blue dot. on the map.

Here’s a satellite view of the FICSA building and nearby homes before the fire. FISCA is the square building in the upper right corner with the raised cross shape on top. It will take a few months for this satellite image to be updated to show what’s left of the building because of the fire. Unless someone out there has a small plane, or a contact in the media who can get that shot.

And, a more exploded view. I live in the houseboat community just to the right of the “Posey Tube Loop,” as do 75 others.

Here’s a history of the uses to which the building was put over the years.

Thanks again for your help.


3 Responses to “Day 15: Meeting tomorrow”

  1. observer Says:

    Hopefully an attorney has stepped forward to offer assistance and you and other impacted citizens may be advised to consider filing a WRIT OF MANDAMUS or some other legal vehicle to force the City of Alameda to do their job. Getting a State Superior Court Judge to order the City to take care of the clean up is probably the only way to get them to listen. Mind you, they still won’t take responsibility.

  2. zizzlah Says:

    Observer, there’s not an attorney in sight. There has been only one instance of “stepping forward,” and that was to write a much needed press release. Mostly, it’s been me and Denise talking to each other.

    WRIT OF MANDANUS sounds like it could be the next Star Trek movie. Do you think it really might work? Can you help?

    I don’t mind about the not taking responsibility, as long as this mess gets cleaned up. Of course, this may all be moot, as the city published its FAQ/wet paper towel list this evening. I suggest Brawny for real peace of mind.

  3. observer Says:

    I am not a lawyer. I have seen what it takes to get Alameda City Administrators to do their jobs. They are counting on you to not have the money it will take to force them to do the right thing. And if you do pursue action against them, expect intimidation and scare tactics.

    If it we me, I’d start calling attorneys asking for referrals. And not Alameda attorneys.

    And get tested, everyone needs to get tested asap. Perhaps the Red Cross can be of assistance?

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